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Aufruf an alle zur 175 Jahrfeier vom 07.09.2018 bis 10.09.2018

Erinnerungsmedaille der Stadt Eisenach

Herr Jörg Räppold ist langjähriges Mitglied des Fördervereinsvorstandes unserer Schule. Für seine ehrenamtliche Arbeit wurde er vom Ehrenamtbeirat der Stadt Eisenach ausgezeichnet. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!


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School Trip to England 2016

Everyone was looking forward to this trip in ninth grade. To this trip to England.
Our expectations were exactly met by the planning. The planning was flawless. Everything went great.

Having arrived we got to know our guest families and on the next day it started with the ride to London, the most popular city in England. The first stop was Greenwich, with the prime meridian which separates the eastern from the western hemisphere. Then we went to London Tower and got on London Eye which offers an awesome view. Getting up so early became a routine, so we usually got up happily, especially the morning we went to Windsor Castle. It’s a very nice and heavily guarded castle. We even got audio-guides for getting more knowledge. The following day, we drove to the chalk coasts called Beachy Head where we walked on top of the cliff. The second sight we visited this day was Brighton. On the last day we all packed our luggage for the return trip and said ‚goodbye‘ to our guest families. In Bexhill, we had free time until we started our journey to the last sight named ‚Hastings‘.
We drove back through the ‚EURO-Tunnel‘ and were so sad tob e already on the way home after this unique trip.
But I’d guess and actually know that everyone enjoyed this trip and would gladly go for it again.


Mark Waldtstädt 9a