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Lean us your hand!

Together against pollution – this is the motto of the spring-clean in Eisenach. After the successful city-cleaning in autumn last year, there is a second one now. It started on 18th March 2022 and finished on 25th March 2022. This year there were again a lot of volunteers. Some of them are students of our school! The 11th grades were collecting rubbish around the panorama trail of Eisenach and park of the city for one and a half hours on 25th March 2022. Working in two groups with their teachers Ms. Meißner and Ms. Kluge, they collected nine refuse sacks of rubbish (about 55 kg). The action is a statement against the heavy pollution of the environment. As a very close – to – nature city it's a special question for our students to do somethig for the environment. While collecting around the monument „Burschenschaftsdenkmal“, some of the passers–by asked some questions about the action and got informed about it by our students. The spring-clean is popular with the inhabitants of Eisenach and of course also with the visitors. Everyone can do something for the environment and against the pollution, says the mayor of Eisenach, Katja Wolf. The city ordered the refuse sacks and the gloves (which were reused of course). Therefore let's do it together! It doesn't need an action of our city to do something good. Collect your rubbish and help us save the environment!


Hannah Gentzsch, 26th March 2022